Liu Chia Wei (Shane Liu)

Hello! My name is Liu Chia Wei but I am commonly known by my anglicized name, Shane Liu. I am a 4th year International student who came to Toronto from Trinidad and Tobago in August 2013. Since it had been decided quite early that I would attend university abroad, I had been looking forward with anticipation to my move to Canada for some time.

Afolabi Jnr Timmy Tosin

Originally From: Ikeja GRA, Ikeja, Nigeria. West Africa Favorite places: Ryerson Starbucks Balzac’s Coffee Interview:

Shuo Yu

Originally From: China. Sheyang, Liaoning Favorite Locations: Nathan Philips Square Eaton Centre Harborfront Interview:

Adela Zyfi

Originally from: Sheshi Uillson, Albania Grew Up in: Melbourne, Australia. Favorite Places in Toronto: Kensington Market Dufferin and Ascot ave. Ryerson University Interviews: